5 Album Recommendations You Have Probably Never Heard of, but Should Listen to


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Hailstorm & Maelstrom by Coin Locker Kid is reporter Jamie Goldinger’s favorite album on this list.

Jamie Goldinger, Senior Staff Writer

My goal by writing this is to help readers find a new album or two. I found five albums I like that most people have probably never heard. While some of these albums might not be perfect, I still recommend them. 

Getting worse by SCAM LIKELY 

Getting Worse is an indie/alt rock album from Milwaukee based band SCAM LIKELY. While it certainly is rough around the edges, with questionable vocals and some generic riffs at times, I think it still has a lot to offer. My personal favorite track is Domestic Bliss, has a bouncy upbeat riff with energetic singing that overall makes for a fun lighter listen. Then their songs like the heavier Zoloft Dreams and the explosive Voodoo Doll that keep your attention throughout with the distorted and fuzzy guitars and vocals. Overall, it’s not perfect but that only adds to the charm of it.

Hailstorm & Maelstrom by Coin Locker Kid 

Hailstorm & Maelstrom is an experimental hip hop album, emphasis on experimental, By Coin Locker Kid. This thing is so strange, I really don’t even know what to say about it other than it’s kind of amazing. It’s slathered in reverb, it’s glitchy, and it’s atmospheric in such an interesting way. Honestly I’m just going to leave it at that, go listen to this one and you will see what I mean. 

Amy Locust Whatever by Cyberbully Mom Club  

Cyberbully Mom Club, also called CBMC, is a Philadelphia based indie folk band fronted by Shari Heck. While they are no longer active, Amy Locust Whatever is a very melancholic singer songwriter album that I fell in love with on first listen. It’s very hard for me to say why though, it doesn’t do anything I’ve never seen or surprise me in many ways. The only reason I can give is that it feels like a very personal album that has the sort of vulnerability that I love. My favorite track from this is Life Time Warranty that always gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. It’s a very short listen as well, clocking in at only sixteen minutes, so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out. 

Dancing dogs- Nana Grizol 

Dancing dogs is a collection of songs by Nana Grizol re-recorded in a slightly different style. Dancing Dogs strips back the production of the originals, opting for a lo-fi garage rock sound that increases the texture and gives it more energy while retaining what I loved about them in the first place. While I really do like the original tracks, and I suggest you also give them a try, This recording adds a layer of rawness on top of that I’m a fan of. If your a fan of noise rock or garage rock, give this one a try. 

“Whatever Mortal” By Papa M

“Whatever Mortal” by Papa M is a lot of things: its folk, its post rock, and yes it even has elements of country, but hear me out. My biggest praise of this album is how it builds an atmosphere, cutting in sounds of everyday objects like the jingling of keys and falling rain, and maintaining a constant but ever changing vibe. To put it how I see it, it feels like a melancholic autumn, slow but sweet. Songs like Glad You’re Here With Me radiate this in between energy of happiness and bitterness that feels like it comes from a real place of emotions. Then there’s things like Tamu, which is an erratic and weird instrumental that includes guitar, piano, bells and an organ. This one won’t be for everyone, but I really do think it’s great.