DnD 101, A guide for first time adventurers: This is How we Roll


Photo Courtesy of Pexels

DnD dice, because this is how we roll for Dungeons and Dragons.

Jamie Goldinger, Senior Staff Writer

DnD is a tabletop roleplaying game that has picked up some steam in the last few years. Once a game for nerds, now a game for everyone. But it can be quite daunting to start, where do you even begin? How do you play? Where do you play? And so much more puts people off from playing, so lets make it simple 

Well to start, just ask someone who does know, maybe just make a character sheet and jump into a campaign. It’s sort of a baptism by fire, I know, but no studying over the player’s guide or monster manual will replace real in-game experience. Take it from me, my first full campaign was with people I barely knew that had years of experience over me, but just the action of playing with them for the first time made it so much easier to understand all the mumbo jumbo about spell slots and +1 great axes 

But what if you don’t know anyone that does play? Well there are many places to find people who do. For example, did you know we have a DnD club here in Crofton High School? If you’d like to come and watch we meet in A243 Wednesday gold and in A228 Thursday gold.

But what do you do if you don’t feel comfortable about it? I would recommend watching tutorial videos on YouTube, or picking up a DnD podcast. Once you get a feel for it, make that jump. Keep in mind that, unless your playing with seasoned veterans, most other people also don’t know all the rules, I know I don’t and I’m a dungeon master, 

In the end DnD is just about having fun, and while there might be rules, feel free to break them if you feel that’s more fun for you. There’s no one way to enjoy the game, I love the role play aspect, some other people prefer the combat. It all just depends on what you want out of it, so go and get rolling!