Crofton citizens talk safety for Halloween 2020

Caroline McDonough, Sports Editor

The citizens of Crofton have mixed opinions on trick or treating this year during the covid-19 pandemic. While many families are letting their children participate in Halloween activities and trick or treating others are against the idea. 

Art teacher Ms. Kyler Kamp she and her family will plan on trick or treating with precautions. “It’s okay for students to go trick or treating as long as they don’t gather in huge groups and they are practicing social distancing,” Mrs. Kamp said. She feels that as long as students are getting together with the same group of friends over these past few weeks, then it will be fine.  

Ninth grade student Amy Thomai, also said that people should be allowed to trick or treat if safe measures take place.“It is an American tradition, it’s okay as long as people wear masks, social distance, and use hand sanitizer,” Thomai said.

Freshman Bella Donahue said school trick or treating can take place because people can take precautions to stay safe. “I’ll celebrate my Halloween with my family and carving pumpkins,” she said.

With a possible second wave of the virus, other citizens have different opinions. Fred Eliot has lived in Crofton since 1964, and he said he’s never seen a Halloween like this. Mr. Eliot said he is concerned for his health and others so he will not be participating in trick or treating this year. “I will turn all the lights off so no one comes to the door” he said. 

The CDC has put out Halloween regulations and categorized low, medium, and high-risk activities. Low-risk activities include: carving pumpkins with family members and displaying them. Some higher-risk activities include participating in traditional trick-or-treating where children go door to door and attending crowded costume parties indoors. 

Anne Arundel County has put out precautionary ideas for Halloween night considering the slight upward number in cases in Maryland. Some of these ideas are: bring alcohol-based hand sanitizer when trick or treating, and use tongs or scoops to hand out candy so that the candy is not directly handled. During Halloween night everyone participating in activities outside of their home should wear face masks and use hand sanitizer to ensure their safety and the safety of others.