Crofton residents are disappointed about Presidential debates

Ava Bromley, Staff Writer

Crofton residents said they are shocked and frustrated with the behavior of the two candidates participating in the presidential debate on September 29 at the Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion in Cleveland Ohio.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked about topics including the Coronavirus pandemic, white supremacy, the supreme court, and the economy.

Local residents, who said they supported both former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, said they felt concerned for the country. 

Some people, like Crofton resident Bradley Peifer, described the debates as frustrating.

The debates “accurately reflected the growing partisanship in the country” said Peifer.

Other residents, like Erica Chapman, said that the rules of the debate did not work. 

“I think the rules are good but were not effective,” said Crofton resident Erica Chapman. “Our kids, our toddlers behave better,” Chapman said.

Some went as far as suggesting a mute button for future debates, which was put in place for the final presidential debate. 

Crofton resident Shannon Peifer said, “I would like to see the mute option take place in the next debate”.