Crofton students express frustration about delayed election results

Zoe Fritz, Katherine Iversen, Sophia Mancuso, and Ari Jones

As the results from Tuesday’s Presidential election slowly trickle in, Crofton students, along with the rest of the country, await the results of mail-in ballots and ballot counting in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Alaska.

Some students, like freshman Emily Najarian, said that waiting is stressful.

“Waiting for the election results is very nerve-wracking to me because right now I feel like the country is very divided and depending on who wins it could result terribly.  And I feel like this is the biggest election at least I have ever been alive for and the next four years with this president will be very important for the country,” Najarian said.  

“I feel like the recounts could be needed because double checking obviously won’t hurt and it will make sure to finalize everything and prove that it’s fair, which in turn makes everyone happy that the results are 100% verified.” 

Freshman Lacey Bardelli also expressed frustration.

 “It’s a little tiring, to be honest like I don’t know exactly what’s happening so I can’t really say much but it’s a little annoying and I wish they would hurry up,” she said.

Others, like freshman Nina Jenkins, commented on voting plans and the president’s threat to sue. “I feel like people shouldn’t have waited until the last second to vote. The states still counting votes are taking way too long.” 

“I honestly think the president is afraid that he’s going to lose. The lawsuit is pointless and probably came from fear.”

According to the New York Times, at the time of this article’s publication, former Vice President Joe Biden had 253 electoral votes and President Donald Trump had 214. A candidate needs 270 votes to become president.