Students give tips for staying active and safe during COVID-19

Lily Haseltine and Sophia Mancuso

It hasn’t been easy to find fun things to do in quarantine these past few months. Movies and restaurants may have reopened, however many people don’t feel comfortable going to such places yet, and some people are having a difficult time finding safe alternatives and fun activities.  Students at Crofton High School have been working to stay active, while still following COVID-19 guidelines during these strange times.

Freshman Meredith Doherty said she has been dancing and walking her dog to stay active. She makes sure to follow COVID guidelines to stay safe and stated, “I have been able to stay active while also staying safe because at my dance studio there are many protocols and we wear masks.  When I walk my dog I stay socially distant from others…” Doherty said. She hasn’t seen her friends recently, but she feels like some of the effects of quarantining have been positive for her. “It was really nice to be home and really focus on myself and I think I definitely changed and matured as a person.” Doherty said she misses her friends but agrees with COVID guidelines to keep people safe.

Other students that see their friends take precautions and follow guidelines to stay safe during the pandemic while doing fun activities.

Caden Rieben, a freshman, has found fun, socially distancing activities with his friends. Rieben said, “Me and my friends have been riding bikes and I also picked up golf which is an easy sport to social distance in.”

Freshman Lucy Dennis has also seen her friends but makes sure to stay safe. “I am able to safely hang out with my friends that I dance and perform with because we have been with each other since May, and we have practically “quarantined together” since the beginning of the pandemic,” she said. “At social gatherings with my school friends, I always bring a mask and am willing to wear one if someone or myself is uncomfortable,”  Dennis said she has a very simple opinion on Social Distancing Rules and Guidelines.  Denis stated,  “I think people should wear masks to not only protect themselves but protect other people, and strangers should stay 6 feet distance.” Dennis dances and performs in musicals to stay active. This summer, Lucy Dennis performed in a musical. “We took every social distancing precaution, and even performed in masks!” She says. “We had outdoor rehearsals at the AACO Fairgrounds, and minimal indoor rehearsals at my dance studio. Instead of having an open audience, the production was filmed and shared to the public that alternative way.”

Many students agree with these social distancing rules put in place such as staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks. Freshman Johnathan Lee said he agrees with the guidelines, however, he also stated, “if it’s someone who I know and know where they’ve been, then I feel that it’s okay to stretch those boundaries a bit,” when referring to social distancing rules.

From acting to dancing to bike rides, students at Crofton High School have been staying active during the Coronavirus pandemic. Students have found fun activities like biking or golfing to see and engage with each other in a safe way.

Although not mentioned by students, there are other fun activities to do locally. With cool weather, walks around the neighborhood are preferable. Backyard movie nights are also a fun option to hang out with friends. Hang a sheet outside, and use a projector to watch a movie. People can bring their own blankets and snacks, and watch the movie while maintaining safe social distancing. Sports like tennis are also fun, and easy to maintain social distancing while playing.