Emily in Paris: A whimsical and charming show that managed to capture the attention of audiences in both negative and positive ways.


Allie Thomas, Staff Writer

Viewers of this ten-episode Netflix series are given access to the 2019 version of a 2006 movie, The Devil Wears Prada putting the entire french culture in the spot of the horrid and villainous Miranda Priestly. This show seemed to have a major cultural gap and can be seen as promulgating tropes of both American and French cultures. 

Emily in Paris was dangerously stereotypical and as a society, we want to try and stay away from stereotypes and be able to differentiate between cultural aspects of a country and the cliche of its people. The main character is basic and clueless, which is an American stereotype. In the first few episodes, they made the French people the enemy. This brings out the conventional belief that French people are stuck up, rude, disloyal, and have a general hatred for anyone that is not French. It really isn’t fair to the French people who are being attacked by this show, when Emily was the one who came completely unprepared. She continued to try and change their culture because she was not familiar with it, which really brings out the inner colonist. 

However, besides all of those basic dealbreakers, the show as a whole was quite enchanting. Emily, played by Lily Collins, had some spectacular fashion throughout the show. Some situations would want to make you live vicariously through her. I do appreciate the character development on her part by trying to learn the language and becoming more open to the French culture as a whole and painting Paris as a magical and lovely place. The show also attempted to redeem itself with the character Cami who defied stereotypes by being nice and welcoming to Emily which does help to make it worth watching.

It’s important to note that this show is rated TV-MA. However, In my opinion, this show was made for teenagers. Emily in Paris managed to bring me pleasant vibes as a whole, but, it’s important to experience this show for yourself so you can form your own opinions. Personally, I will definitely be watching the second season. If you enjoyed shows like Never Have I Ever and The Carrie Diaries then I think that you should give Emily in Paris a try.

Rating: 4/5