Harry Styles is a cultural reset and his album Fine Line is nothing short of spectacular.


Allie Thomas, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This review is going to be extremely biased because I absolutely adore Harry Styles. Truth be told, I love his music, dating all the way back to slicked-back long hair and white tee shirts. As a matter of fact, I’m listening to One Directions ‘Fools Gold’ right now. I would 100% recommend that everyone in this student body gives Harry Styles a listen. I understand that not all of his music will be for everybody, but the music on this album is perfect for so many different moods. 

The album Fine Line is absolutely stunning with the range of genres that it’s able to reach. From Watermelon sugar’s pop beat to Cherry’s heartbreak sound to Canyon moon’s vibey ambiance. Love is a strong word, but I think I might love this album…and his debut album…and One Direction…I might have a problem.

 My favorite songs on this album are ‘She’ and ‘To Be So Lonely’. Harry Styles writes from his feelings, so some of these songs are about heartbreak and hurting while some are about having fun and self-acceptance. Please do not become discouraged from listening to this album because you think that it is a bummer, that is not true. ‘Golden’ is a beautifully written and upbeat song and there are plenty of other buoyant songs on his second album. However, it feels like the aesthetic of his debut album was more put together than in ‘Fine Line’. ‘Treat People With Kindness’ and ‘Fine Line’ are slightly out of place with the rest of the album, but what it lacks in theme and aesthetic it makes up for in production. Really, the only downside to Harry Styles is that he only has 22 songs and I need more. I cannot wait for his next album and what other fruit-named songs he can think of. This review really just became a Harry Styles fan page and I am not mad about it. 

Harry Styles uses meticulous details in his songs to help accent the meanings and it is extremely impressive. For example, in ‘To Be So Lonely’, the ukulele is used to represent a phone ringing to show that the song is about a phone call. He also does this in ‘Adore You’ using the sound of a sonar radar in the very beginning to accentuate Harry saying the song is about a fish.

Rating: 5/5