Ask James:How do I get and keep my grades up?

James Newman, Advice Columnist

Dear James,

 How do I get and keep my grades up?

– Unsuccessful Student

Dear Unsuccessful, 

I completely understand that students are finding it hard to engage with school. Someways that you can get and keep your grades up is to utilize what they are offering you. For example Flex-Time. Use flex to time your advantage, get a better understanding of the subject, and try harder. Study the material. I understand that most conventional ways of studying doesn’t work for everyone but find a style of studying and use that to help yourself. Also, use the redo policy. I know I might sound like every teacher in the world with these suggestions but it’s because these suggestions work and they are put in place to help you. Try talking to your teachers and seeing what you can do to help your grades. But understand your going to have to keep this going, so find a routine that you can do and continue with that throughout this year and the years coming forward.

– James