The Arts during eLearning


Art by Lanie Ausiello

Optical Illusion Artwork

Caitlin Alexander, Multi-Media Editor

The arts have always been an influential part of a high school and a way for students to express themselves as well as meet other students who share the same interests. Covid-19 directly impacts the way arts programs are run, yet teachers are still striving to keep their students engaged.

Art teacher Ms. Kyler Kamp comments in navigating the arts during a pandemic, saying ,  “I am using all the tricks in my bag, anything I can find that’s interactive is worth trying out.”

Learning an art requires extensive assistance and strong, school-wide support. So, that leaves the students to have to adjust to this unprecedented experience as well. Sophomore Eliana Lewis, is currently enrolled in the Foundation of Art course here at Crofton High. Lewis said that when she is reading catalogues, course-involved books and sharpening her skill-set, her performance is all-around enhanced.

Many teachers also said that they believe having a positive mindset will help students grow in their craft and more focused. Music teacher Ms.Briana Gesko says that “to be successful in my class, students must believe that they can learn and grow as musicians.”

Teachers play a crucial role on all students’ artistic and creative development, because they, in addition to parents and students themselves, are the ones pushing their students to secure their involvement in the arts. Ms.Gresko says, “I ask them to trust me and I promise to encourage them wherever they are in their musical journey.