Fall Sports Tournament: breeding ground for COVID-19 or positive step towards normal life?

Emily Wingeart, Co-Editor-in-Chief

No one can deny that American citizens want to return to their normal life but is returning back to such high contact activities a good idea this soon? Parents and players have differing opinions on the importance of these tournaments and if they should be brought back as wave two is beginning to hit. 

In an interview with Ms. Rose Spencer, mother of Sean Spencer, she said “ These events are too dangerous to be going to. It is high contact and a prime area for any sickness to spread.” 

Others, like sophomore lacrosse player Mike Smith, said they felt differently. According to Smith, “Tournaments are crucial for young athletes to get the attention of college coaches.” 

Tournaments are outdoor games that consist of teams coming in from different states, in some cases where players are expected to participate in full-contact games. 

Certain measures have been taken, such as spectator control, mask requirements, and social distancing protocol in order to make these sports tournaments as safe and Corona free as possible, and health experts agree that outdoor activities are lower risk than indoor exercise, however, with numbers on the rise in Maryland, the debate over how much protection is enough continues.