Best Books to Read to Get out of a Reading Slump

Ryley Douglass, Staff Writer

Book slump. Two words put together to create a terrible phrase. According to, a reading slump is “the time when no story seems to hold your attention, and you simply are not motivated to read.” Everyone has experienced it one time or another. In case you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless and unconquerable book slump, here is a list of some books that have gotten many people out of book slumps. Most of these are fast-paced books that are written to appeal to the young-adult group of readers, but they can be enjoyed by all ages but some of them may not be appropriate for younger readers. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the list!

Ashes in the Snow by Ruta Sepetys

Genre: YA Historical Fiction

Starting off with a historical fiction novel set in Lithuania in the year of 1941. It follows a girl named Lina who is taken from her home and sent to Siberia along with her family. This story explores an untold story of the Soviet Union, showing how truly devastating Stalin’s dictatorship was and the effects it had on other countries, primarily the ones that were taken over by the Soviet Union. 

Previously published as Between Shades of Grey, the novel is critically acclaimed being referred to as “superb” by the Wall Street Journal and “an eye-opening reimagination of a very real tragedy written with grace and heart” by the Los Angeles Times. As heavy as it is, the story is immersive and wonderfully written. 

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Genre: YA Romance

This story takes place in a dystopian monarchy called Illea, built on the ruins of America and ruled by a numerical caste system. The richest are given the number 1, which is mainly made up of the royals and the nobility, and the poorest were assigned the number 8. The story follows a girl named America Singer who is in Caste 5, the artists. She is a musician who wants nothing more than to be with her secret boyfriend, Aspen, but a turn of events lands her in a competition for Prince Maxon’s hand in marriage. 

This book is one of my personal favorites. I have reread it time and time again and found it amazing each time. If you are looking for a beautifully written romance with a fiery female protagonist, look no further. It is described as “the perfect example of how a dystopian should be done. It was hands down the best dystopian I have ever read, and I loved every moment of it” by

American Royals by Katharine McGee

Genre: YA Romance

Here’s another incredible novel is written in a dystopian American society. This book explores the idea of what would have happened if George Washington would have accepted the offer to become King of America. The story follows four different girls, Nina, Samantha, Beatrice, and Daphne. Beatrice is preparing to eventually become the first reigning queen in the history of America. Samantha is her younger sister, twin to Prince Jefferson and always feeling overshadowed by Beatrice. Nina is Samantha’s best friend. Daphne wants to become a princess by means of marrying Prince Jefferson. 

This book is beyond incredible. The story is riveting from the very first word. The drama is equivalent to that of a Soap Opera. Kendare Blake, author of the Three Dark Crowns series wrote, “With elegance, saucy secrets, and forbidden love, American Royals is fast-paced and utterly charming. Katharine McGee’s prose sparkles, capturing the glamour and pressures of an American monarchy.” 

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

Genre: YA Fantasy

Set in 1800s Russia, this book follows two enchanters, Vika Andreyeva and Nikolai Karimov. The Tsar, in need of an enchanter (to use as an assistant), initiates The Crown’s Game, which is a fight to the death to prove one worthy of the position. 

This book is like if Harry Potter and the Hunger Games were combined into one book. It is beautifully written and the plot is riveting, there never being a dull moment. Sabaa Tahir, the author of the bestselling book, An Ember in the Ashes, wrote, “A captivating tale teeming with hidden magic and fiery romance.”