Students react to MD Governor’s new COVID-19 restrictions


Sophia Mancuso

The sign outside of Target in Waugh Chapel.

Sophia Mancuso, Photo Editor

    COVID-19 cases have been rising exponentially over the last month in Maryland.  The New York Times has reported a total of 2,126 new cases in Maryland on November 27, and 159 cases in the past seven days in Anne Arundel County, ranking it the Maryland county with the fifth-highest number of cases.

      According to Governor Larry Hogan in a November 17 press conference, “We are in a war right now, and the virus is winning.” The rise in cases has caused Governor Hogan to put new restrictions in place regarding restaurants, retail, and religious establishments.  The Maryland website states that restaurants and bars will now have to close by 10 p.m. and cannot open earlier than 6 a.m. with exceptions for carryout and delivery and that religious and retail establishment maximum capacity will be 50%.  These restrictions went into effect on November 20 at 5 p.m.

    Freshman Macie Carpenter expressed positive opinions on the new restrictions stating, “I think the new lockdown restrictions are going to hopefully help the cases lower down again, and things will get better. I think it’s a good idea for religious and retail establishments to be lowering capacity to help stop the spread of COVID.”  Carpenter also said, “it’s a good idea for the restaurant restrictions but bad for schools to be staying open.”

    However, freshmen student Jack McDonough shared a different opinion on the new restrictions.  He said he believes that we should focus on getting the economy, “back to normal,” before handling the COVID-19 crisis.  

     “I think that regarding the 10 p.m. closing of restaurants and religious establishments being lowered to 50% is not a good idea to an extent. I think that we need to take precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19, but I think right now the biggest problem is the economy.  We need to get the economy back to normal before we will get control of COVID-19.  So no, I do not think it (the new restrictions being put in place) is the right call,” said McDonough. 

     The Maryland website has also stated that they are strongly advising outdoor services for churches and other houses of worship. Regarding Maryland’s economic recovery, the Maryland Governor website announced that “the Maryland Department of Commerce has provided Back to Business recommendations and best practices,” as the capacity for retail establishments is lower to 50%. These new restrictions should be kept in mind when dining out and visiting retail and religious establishments.