The Cardinal’s Nest Podcast: French Frydays 1

The Cardinals Nest Podcast: French Frydays 1

Jenelle Thomas and Allyson Chelidona

French Frydays is super fun that Emily W., Jenelle T. and Allyson C.! We love to hear from everyone if you have any suggestions on the fries you would like us to do next in the Crofton area! Later, in the future, you can expect different restaurants, drive-ins, sauces, and other things! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Podcasts will come out every 2-3 weeks based on suggestions. We may also have some guest appearances from our fellow classmates. We pick two different fries and compare them to each other, at the end we will vote on which fry happens to be our favorite and share a brief description as to why.