Students Find Joy Despite Pandemic this Holiday Season

Anna Porter, Staff Writer

According to the song, it’s “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and although this year may not have been so wonderful, Crofton High students and their families are still finding things that bring them joy this holiday season. Due to the rise in covid cases and recent restrictions put on Anne Arundel County, people may not be able to do their regular holiday traditions, but Crofton High students have shared what they are doing instead.

Freshman Arya Shah said that she and her family have been “baking a lot more this Christmas and dropping off baked goods to our friends’ houses.” Giving to others is such a good way to spread holiday cheer. But not everything about this holiday season is great. Arya also said “I can’t go see my family and friends. It makes me feel disappointed because I love being around people.”

But some people feel as though having to be far apart from everyone has brought them and their friends closer together. Freshman Ava Frederick shared that “My friends and I call a lot, and probably talk more than we have in the past because of it [the pandemic]”

But not everyone is having that experience. Like Arya, Sophomore Sarah Ator agreed that this year is different because “we can’t see our family. It makes me upset that we are missing Christmas with them.” But this year Sarah is finding joy in simpler things like listening to Christmas music, looking at lights, and Christmas shopping.

In a normal year, something that would bring freshman Caroline Oneil joy is “Seeing my family, decorating for Christmas, and singing! They all bring the Christmas spirit into the house and fill my life with so much love and hope” But this year she shared that “It isn’t the same dynamic with my family and it makes me feel really upset. Christmas is a time for joy and now it’s in the shadow of worries that everyone is having.” But she is having fun creating new traditions with her family such as doing an Advent Calendar for the first time this year.

Freshman Bailey Santoro said that “It is definitely different, but even though we can’t talk or be together everyone is trying to make this year the best it possibly can be.” She shared that her favorite memory so far of this holiday season is “The first snowfall that happened on December 16th. My family and I made a snowman and it was such an amazing time.” 

It seems as though these Crofton High School students are finding some light in the darkness and making this holiday season a memorable one.