Find the Best Eyeliner for Your Eyes

Zoe Fritz, Social Media Director

From testing all the eyeliners at a nearby Ulta Beauty store to wearing eyeliner every single day for years I have finally found the answer to which eyeliner is the best. The answer is.. none.

The reason for this is because of your unique eye shape. While every eye is different your eyes are on the spectrum of hooded to not hooded. Once you find out where your eyes stand then you can move on to what kind of eyeliner you want.

Liquid eyeliner is best for people with nonhooded eyes because the eyelid won’t hit itself as easily causing it to smear and resulting in a mess. I love liquid eyeliner because its finish is unlike anything you can achieve with gel/powder and on my nonhooded eyes is much easier to work with. But if you do have hooded eyes and want to explore liquid eyeliner or just eyeliner in general a good place to start is gel liner.

Gel liner, on the other hand, works for everyone and can even be magnetic like liquid eyeliner (this is good because you can use magnetic eyelashes instead of regular strip lashes). This is because it doesn’t really have to dry but my biggest recommendation for someone with hooded eyes is powder.

Powder eyeliner is good because it doesn’t smear but it can make a mess. In the end, it’s all trial and error though so you have to try out each kind to find which one works better on your eyes and which one works best for you.