Ask James: How Do I Get The Person I Like To Notice Me?

James Newman, Advice Columnist

How do I get the person I like to notice me?

– Crushing

Dear Crushing,

This is a question that has been pondered and thought of by many people, myself included. But sometimes the hard questions have the simplest of answers. Most times people often think they go unnoticed but that is simply not the case. Also, there is a thing I wanted to mention about crushes and hints. You may think to yourself if they like me why haven’t they said anything or why haven’t been giving me any signs.

 1. Ask yourself the same question. Why haven’t you said anything about liking them to their face? Because of fear people don’t like to be embarrassed or rejected. Both are not good feelings so people will withhold feelings so they can avoid those negative possibilities.

2. You are the only person aware of your feelings. You may think to yourself “Omg why aren’t they getting my hints?” or something like that but you have to understand that most times to other people they could just think that you’re nice, or they may be aware of your feelings but don’t think that those hints are true and will deny what’s clearly in front of them.

So let’s start off by engaging in conversation, if you can’t face your fears then you’re fighting a losing battle. If you have classes together this is a little bit easier but when doing this remember that they are just a person, a human being like yourself and I. You should also show interest in them by asking questions and getting to know them better, surprisingly most people love to talk about themselves and love when people show interest in them (but this is definitely a case by case basis so make sure you take this advice and make it work for your person).

After slowly getting to know them try flirting with them if you still feel like there’s a connection. Flirting is something that is sometimes very difficult to do correctly but that’s the problem right there flirting and love not logistical they are emotional and sensational you have to go with the flow and listen to your heart. Also get to know their friends and put out some feelers and see if they like you back or just have them mention that you like them. Everything you do remember this is just a peer that you happen to like. It’s important to not put people on pedestals and understand that they have flaws and they are not always perfect. It is all about communication, it can be hard for others to read between the lines, and sometimes you have to STOP hiding between those unreadable lines and speak the truth no matter what the repercussions could be. Life is a constant gamble and it has endless possibilities so go make it the possibility that you want to see in your life.

I hope this helped you <3.

See you again. XOXO.