You May Need to Watch Tenet Twice, but it’s Worth it

You May Need to Watch Tenet Twice, but its Worth it

Jenelle Thomas, Managing Editor

Tenet is a movie, filled with different and confusing storylines, featuring John David Washington as “The Protagonist” along with his friend “Neil” who is played by Robert Pattinson. 

Tenet has many different hidden secrets which make the audience pay attention to the movie every minute so they understand the storyline. John David Washington is a CIA agent, who when things don’t go correctly, takes a pill before he can be interrogated, arrives into the Tenet world, and he finds out that taking the pill was part of a test. Christopher Nolan, of Inception, also a confusing movie, produced Tenet.

Tenet is about how the secret agent “The Protagonist” is defying the laws of time. He tries to manipulate time to stop World War 3 from happening. There are many different secret messages that people may not have picked up on while watching Tenet. The blue and red light people may have been confused, the blue was moving backward while the red moved forward. The lights are called “Turnstile” and when he goes backward Washington is also “inverted.”

Tenet is also said in the semi beginning of the story it will “…open wrong and right doors…”  This is explained later on in the movie when some people try to use the Tenet while others are trying to destroy it. Another character, Sator, tries to blow up the past from the future as well as trying to take “The Protagonist” out of the picture. 

Near the end of the movie, there is a plot twist, and “The Protagonist” finally finds out something that changes everything else from the movie. Even though there is no set time for a sequel, John David Washington a.k.a “The Protagonist” thinks it is very possible due to the ending of Tenet. 

There are many more interesting things about the movie Tenet and I would give this a 7/10. I liked the movie and it was very action-packed but it was very confusing. I had to go and read different articles just to slightly understand the unraveling of events happening before my eyes. You may want to watch it two or three times because this movie will definitely keep you asking questions.