Staff Feature: School Psychologist Ms. Erin Quigley

Staff Feature: School Psychologist Ms. Erin Quigley

Jenelle Thomas, Managing Editor

Ms. Erin Quigley is the school psychologist here in CrHs. Mrs. Quigley graduated from Radford University for her school psychology training. She’s worked at Phoenix Academy and Southern High School before coming to Crofton.

Ms. Quigley said she is excited about the school community and to see it grow not seeing this opportunity often. Since she is the school psychologist she sees helping students as “satisfying and rewarding” She enjoys working with other staff and students, helping students to advocate and take care of their mental health.

Ms. Quigley said her proudest moments are when problems and conflicts are resolved. She said she is proud when students “understand each other” and talk it out rather than resolving to fists and fighting from getting frustrated.

Professional School Counselor Mrs. Amanda Bulmahn described Ms. Quigley as “attentive, purposeful and helpful.” She helps and finds answers to problems to problems that may start to form she seizes the opportunity to help teachers, staff, and students when she can.

Mrs. Bulmahn also said that Ms. Quigley tries to analyze the situation and to decide “what the best solution may be.” She and the other counselors, Mrs. Lisa Thomas and Ms. Danielle Crankfield, work closely with Ms. Quigley, who helps a small set of students daily to help achieve better mental and physical well-being.

Mrs. Thomas said Mrs. Quigley is “organized, kind, and a caring individual.”

She continued, and explained that Mrs. Quigley cares about the students and Crofton High School, she takes her time allowing them to succeed. She sees quite a few students and they both met over the summer since they are 12-month employees. She described Ms. Quigley as “amazing” and a “strong advocate” as the School Psychologist.