Teacher Feature: Caitlyn Connolly


Alex Mancuso, News Editor

Ms. Caitlyn Connolly is an English 9, Honors English 9, and a theatre arts teacher here at Crofton High. Graduating from Council Rock North High School, she then continued her education at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania where she got her Bachelor’s degree. Along with a Bachelor’s degree, Ms. Connolly is working towards a Master’s Degree, “I am currently working on my master’s degree at Loyola University.” 

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Ms. Connolly explained she was inspired by great teachers, which led her to pursue a career in teaching. One teacher that has shaped Ms. Connolly’s love for education is her second-grade teacher. “In particular, my 2nd-grade teacher was a big inspiration for me.” She mentioned how he was a children’s author that let them learn about the process of how his book was published which “made me excited about reading and writing at an early age.”

Ms. Connolly, along with a passion for language arts, spends time after school teaching at Davy Dance Academy in Cape St. Claire. Ms. Connolly was also inspired by a special teacher growing up, who she now considers family, and was inspired to teach dance. “As I got older, I had opportunities to work with children through my dance studio and I really enjoyed working with them.” 

Ninth-grader Emmett Kloss has Ms. Connolly for Honors English 9. He said his favorite topic he has learned in her class so far is FOILS, a is a way to characterize contrasting characters. Kloss explained he enjoyed how Connolly taught them how to apply this concept in real life by, “surrounding yourself with people that bring out the best in you, just like how foils bring out the best in one another.” 

Kloss also enjoys Ms. Connolly’s class because of the environment she has created. He pointed out how “She does a good job engaging all the students whether they are in person or virtual.” Along with her engaging lessons and “enthusiasm that makes people inclined to participate” the student also complimented her content structure, saying it is “easy to follow.” 

Samantha Gallagher, a Freshman, currently in and enjoying Connolly’s Honors English 9 class also said her favorite topic to learn about is “FOILS”, a way to characterize a contrasting character. She admitted, “It’s fun and easy” and, “we talk about how what we learn is related to actual life, which is nice.” 

Ms. Connolly’s favorite part about teaching is the Socratic Seminar, which excites her, “It’s a time when I can take a step back from talking to the class and listen to the students’ voices and allow them to learn from each other.” Along with Socratic Seminars, Connolly emphasized her appreciation for students who let her know they are enjoying a book. Especially when she can get students who are not thrilled about reading interested, “The ultimate is when I can hook a student who does not like reading into a book!” 

Lastly, Ms. Connolly wanted everyone to know that “This year at Crofton has exceeded my expectations and I am beyond excited to see what is in store for next year!”