Staff Feature: Assistant Principal Mr. Bryan Godfrey

James Newman, Advice Columnist

Mr. Bryan Godfrey is one of new Assistant Principals joining the administration team. Mr. Godfrey works with the alpha range of A-F. Prior to working here at Crofton High, Mr. Godfrey worked at Central Middle School along with Evening and Summer high school Admin, But for the majority of his career, he worked at Magothy River Middle School. For Schooling Godfrey went to West Virginia University for undergrad then got his master’s at McDaniel College through AACPS.

Mr. Godfrey said he wanted to work at Crofton High School specifically. “I wanted to be an assistant principal, I was in some similar position but I really wanted to make that next step in my career, and Crofton specifically, I just knew it would be a great opportunity.” He continued, “ when I saw that position open up I was just thrilled to even have an opportunity and really excited to be given the chance to come in”

When asked why he wanted to become an assistant principal, he explained he “had a bigger interest in the bigger picture of how the schoolworked, just all the different things involved outside of my specific content.” He said, “I also felt like I could really impact a school on a larger level so I could really help staff and students at a greater level with a larger role.”

“I would like to believe that I always have a great impact on my students in the classroom but I wanted to get my hands on a larger group.”

Outside of school, Mr. Godfrey said he loves exercising and playing sports. “ I also you to coach sports at Broadneck for years, I used to do a lot of adult leagues for a lot of different things.¨ He talked about how his life has changed a little since the birth of his daughter, and doesn’t have a lot of free time but loves to spend time with his family especially since they’re very local.

Assistant Principal Dr. Jasmine Coleman said that “Mr. Godfrey is a team player who often shares helpful ideas regarding logistics that help our school function with efficiency.”  She also said “Students should know that Mr. Godfrey prioritizes building relationships and has a great sense of humor. We know that it can sometimes feel intimidating to converse with an Administrator, but Mr. Godfrey is super approachable and always willing to help!”

Sophomore Lucy Dennis remarked “Mr. Godfrey was a big help with the SGA in executing our Homecoming and Pep-Rally. That action made me feel heard as a student because as a member of SGA, admin support is very helpful. Mr.Godfrey and I also have lots of small talk which makes me feel heard as a student because he makes an effort to have a personal connection to me and other students.”