Staff Feature: Ms. Carrier Advocates for Students


Mason Lumpkin-Jones

Ms. Julie Carrier

Mason Lumpkin-Jones, Staff Writer

On any given day at Crofton High School in the hallway, most students have probably seen student advocate Ms. Julie Carrier. 

Before coming to Crofton High School she was a student advocate at Old Mill High School for almost 10 years. She came to Crofton High School because she wanted a fresh start at a new high school. She also has some past experience working with principal Ms. Katie Feuerherd.

She wanted to become a student advocate because she likes to “help, guide, and mentor children” and she says “we all need a little help and guidance.” She said at times it can be hard to be the bad cop but “sometimes they need some tough love.”

Ms. Carrier went to Largo High School and she graduated from the University of Maryland College Park. She said that while she was at Old Mills High School she had a student who was what she called a “tough egg.” Over the course of about 2-3 years, she helped mentor this student, who ended up going to college and earning her degree. Now she is a successful worker in her career and with those great accomplishments, and Ms. Carrier said she is really proud about that. 

English teacher Mr. Liam Dempsey stated that Ms. Carrier is a joy to work with. He feels she always has the student’s best interest in mind and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Since last school year, he has known and worked with her. Anytime when he needs help with something or a student he can find her easily and she is willing to help others. He also feels he is very reliable. He absolutely feels that the students feel the impact of her presence. 

And English teacher and department chair Ms. Becca Bittman said Ms. Carrier “ is probably one of the biggest assets at Crofton High School.” She also feels Ms. Carrier keeps the hallways safe and is easy to find. She absolutely feels that her job has great value and even stated “I wish there were 5 of her.” She stated that she sees Ms. Carrier makes good relationships with the students as well as teachers. Lastly, she added that “she is a big support for the staff.”