High Schoolers vs. Trick-or-Treating

Emma Douglass, Staff Writer

How old is too old for trick or treating? Every year, Middle and High Schoolers decide if they want to trick or treat, or not, and it’s something for little kids. Many think that trick or treating is timeless, and it is something that anyone can have fun with no matter how old they are, while others would rather stay in, or hang out with their friends elsewhere. 75 Crofton High School students took a survey on whether or not they’re trick or treating, and there were mixed responses.

In a survey taken by roughly 10% of the student body, 44% said that they weren’t trick or treating this year, whereas 47% said that they were trick or treating this year. The remaining 8% said that they were going to go because they are taking their younger siblings. This is interesting, because lots of people decide to stop trick or treating as they go into high school, and this shows that around half of the people who took this survey are going!

Generally when trick or treating is talked about amongst high schoolers, many would expect someone to either say that they aren’t going, or that it’s their last year. However, some of these survey responses show that students this year have some other ideas and opinions about trick or treating this year!  

Many students who said “no”, they weren’t trick or treating, said that they were giving out candy instead, or that they were hanging out with friends. Eleventh grader, Madison Fishkin said, “I will be hanging out with my friends! Probably a scary movie marathon.”. Many students also said that trick or treating never gets old! Freshman Brooks Mishou said, “I am going to trick or treat until I stop getting candy.”.

This data shows that high school isn’t too old for trick or treating, however many wouldn’t go out of their way to go trick or treating this Halloween, instead doing other fun things with family and friends! Since so many people have different and fun plans for their Halloween, what are you doing on Halloween this year?