Seniors Prepare for College

Allyson Chelidona, Senior Staff Writer

With the 1st quarter ending last week, college applications deadlines are approaching. Many seniors at Crofton High School are preparing their applications to submit to their colleges of their likings. They have been hard at work to get it all done before the deadlines. But with school, sports, and work how are these seniors handling this process?

Senior Kayla Gutierrez told us she has been working on her applications for around 2 months. 

“I’m a huge over-thinker and perfectionist, so taking the time to  write each of my essays up to my near perfect standards was a bit stressful,” she said. “However, using Common App in itself has been fairly simple and easy to navigate.” 

Senior Maddy Cook told us college applications have been stressful. She said that “trying to balance college admissions on top of everything else this year, I feel like I’m behind on application because I don’t have a lot of extra time.” Cook balances school, being on a varsity sport and having an internship. She recommends to underclassmen “to put aside certain days to work on applications” and to start early in the application process. 

Senior Victoria Marston explained how the week before school started she knocked out the majority of the common app applications and spent about 2 days during the school year “filling out my self reported academic records”. Marston told us how the process was not too stressful for her because she completed majority of the work in the summer. She tells us some advice for underclassmen would be to “fill out your applications before school starts because once your senior year starts your going to want to hangout with friends, go to football games, go to homecoming, ect. And your not going to want to fill out those applications. Also let yourself enjoy your senior year because it is the last year before you go into the real world and are an adult so make the most of it and have fun making those memories with your friends.” 

All three seniors said they are excited for college. 

Gutierrez said, “I’m super excited for college! I can’t wait to experience all that college life has to offer!”.  Marston tells us “I’m very excited for college because I can’t wait to meet all new people and be able to experience something new outside of Maryland. I am also very excited to get to know my track team mates and make friendships that I hope to have for a while after college.” With this excitement there are nerves, Cook shares, “ I’m excited but nerves.” 

This process may seem stressful but just remember, seniors: you can do it.