Crofton High School 2023 Spring Sports Season

Crofton spring sports are officially in full swing for this year’s 2023 spring season, which started March 1st. Crofton’s spring athletes have expressed their excitement and predictions for the season. 

Sophomore Charlotte Deforest expressed her excitement for the upcoming track season, after placing 8th in the Freshmen Pole Vault category at New Balance Nationals last spring track season. Charlotte felt prepared for the season to start, due to her participation in indoor track. Charlotte said, “I think track is so fun, it’s such a good group, and I think our team is set up to do really well.” She mentioned how the team didn’t lose anyone due to there being no seniors last year, and they still did well last year, so she thinks they have a great group of runners for the season. Charlotte explained how the team is working very hard at having everyone try new events and finding their strengths. 

Sophomore Chizara Duru prepared for lacrosse season by participating in indoor track to get in shape, and also using her free time on the weekends to ensure her stick skills were up to par and learning new skills and strategies. Chizara explains how she wishes the team could have gone further in playoffs last season and ended with a better record, but she is optimistic the team will have a better record this season. Chizara says, “I think my team is looking a lot better and will go further in playoffs this season. Everyone is working together a lot more!” She added, “I think having seniors is great as they set a good role model for the underclassmen on the team and they have stepped up to be leaders.” 

Junior Meera Rathod was excited for this year’s tennis season as it is her first tennis season at Crofton High School. She expressed that “I’m excited to also meet a new team and new faces.” Rathod communicated that the tennis team does not have a lot of seniors but that “the two we have definitely bring  a lot to the team with skill and supporting each other so I am expecting a more successful season for sure.” Overall Rathod has had “a great season so far” and is excited for more to come. 

Junior Jack McDonough is on Crofton High School’s Varsity baseball team. McDonough expressed that “I think we will make a deep playoff run this season as we have lots of talent within the team.” McDonough prepared for this season by “off season lifting weights and going to Sunday morning baseball hitting practice.” The team in whole has prepared for this season “by upping the team, chemistry and getting to know each other better.” 

This year’s Crofton High School sports season is the first spring season with seniors, making it the first in school history.  Student athletes and coaches are fully prepared for this season and feel excitement.