Teacher Feature: Mrs. Bridges


Jenelle Thomas, M.E. Editor

Mrs. Devin Bridges came to Crofton High School after teaching at Richardson High School in Caroline County for four years.

According to Mrs. Bridges, the “diversity and activism” as well as “a large staff in a collaborative environment” drew her to the school. 

She said she is very passionate about English because “literature helps people discover themselves and offers multiple perspectives on their lives.” Mrs. Bridges earned an undergraduate degree at Towson University and she earned “a master’s degree at La Salle University through the Regional Training Center Program.”

Mrs. Bridges said she wanted to be a teacher in the first place “to help guide others through school with collaborative and engaging activities. “I had several teachers who inspired me when I went through school, I hope to help students much like how they helped me.” She wants to help her students be successful “my goal is to inspire my students through literature as they embrace early adulthood and follow their ambitions in life.”

Freshman Audrey Donaldson, who has Mrs. Bridges for Honors English 9, said Mrs. Bridges is “a very positive and intelligent person.” Mrs. Bridges’ teaching style was described it’s a “manageable workload and that has been very important to me since online schooling began.”

Donaldson continued, “I like the quick writes, mainly because it gives me a chance to write about interesting quotes and I personally like to write.” The student activity has an impact on the educational aspect as well it makes her “feel more comfortable writing in the chat than speaking so that is where we get the most participation.”