Staff Feature: Professional School Counselor Mrs. Bulmahn

Caroline McDonough, Sports Editor

School Counseling Department Chair Mrs. Amanda Bulmahn works with all students whose last names begin with A – F. Before coming to Crofton, Mrs. Bulmahn was the School Counseling Department Chair at Southern High School. 

She went to Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA for undergrad and attended the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY for grad school. Mrs. Bulmahn started off her college career wanting to become an optometrist but quickly realized that was not for her, so she thought about becoming a teacher. But, she could not major in education at Lycoming college so she took an education track to become certified to teach and majored in Psychology. In her senior year of college she taught a class of 4th graders where she was exposed to many health concerns, she wanted to help and decided to go to graduate school to get her Master’s degree in Education and Human Development with a concentration in School Counseling. 

Mrs. Bulmahn shared a moment that she was particularly proud of and she stated that “I always find I am most proud when a student reaches that goal they were working so hard to get to.” She also added “I think seeing students from the time they enter 9th grade, working with them throughout the years, supporting them through their struggles, celebrating those achievements in between, and then culminating in graduation is the ultimate proud moment.”

Freshman Ava Bromley, who is also on the staff of The Cardinal’s Nest, said Mrs. Bulmahn is ”very nice, good at time management and very understanding.” 

Even as an adult, Mrs. Bulmahn still participates in education to become an even better counselor. She attended webinars offered through the American School Counseling Association focused on key topics to address students’ needs, as well as participating in a lot of professional development opportunities focused on how to be a school counselor in the virtual learning world. 

In her free time, she enjoys running because she says it’s “a great stress reliever and also is a great time to get focused and ready for the day ahead.” Mrs. Bulmahn enjoys spending time with her family including her son who is 5 and her daughter who is 2. She and her husband enjoy spending time with their children in the outdoors, going on walks, and fishing.