Prior to Second Shut Down, Students Shared Mixed Feelings about the return of Athletics

Ben Surlis, Staff Writer

Anne Arundel County fall sports started October 7, and were scheduled to end no later than December 14 prior to the November 9th announcement that sports were canceled. Practices were held throughout the weeks 1-3, there was no contact between different teams, or teams themselves, and activities took place at home schools.

Some students said they were excited to get out onto the new fields and begin playing while staying safe, wearing a mask, and most of the time trying to socially distance. Freshman student, Dylan Oglesby is one of those very excited students, he says that” fall sports should be happening because if correct precautions are taken there is a very slight chance of getting covid.” He also said,” I like the plan set up, because the 4 week period shows coaches’ student’s athletic skills, and also shows the school board we can do sports safely.” Lastly, he said,” If these last 2 weeks go by with no positive cases, I believe that we should start in December.” 

Some students were worried about the chance of getting the virus and had fears about how fall sports were being run. Freshman Jackson Hamilton had a slight fear, but he still believes he needs to stay active. Jackson said,”I don’t believe sports should be happening, as  covid is still at large and is still very contagious, even with a low death rate.” He also said,” The plan drafted would be good, if the scenario was different, it’s just simply too dangerous to take any chances in competition.” Lastly, he said,” I believe the season should happen whenever we come up with a vaccine or a way to stop the spread of the covid virus.”

 While some students are worried about the chance of someone catching the COVID-19 virus, freshman Caden Reiben said he believes that it is essential to get out and play fall sports. Caden said,” I believe that even with the high stakes of catching the virus, fall sports should be happening, students need to get active.” He also said,” I believe the plan drafted by Anne Arundel County is a great plan, as it allows students to get active and see their friends.” Lastly, he said,” Until they find a completely safe way to run competitive sports, I don’t think we can resume sports.”

Fall sports were not going to be competitive, although some schools have gone a step further and completely restricted the allowance of touching other schools. Practices at CrHS were held with people 6 feet apart whenever possible, and with masks. Students had finished week 2 of fall sports in Anne Arundel county with no positive tests, but disaster struck on week 3 with multiple positive tests from different schools – none from Crofton High School- and Anne Arundel officials shut down the program.